Červen 2017


19. června 2017 v 23:22 | Ady |  Výkecy, info, others and etc.
Hello hello~
Vidíte dobře, stále žiji. Překvapivě. Každopádně, asi některé zklamu, ale hlásím se zase "jen" s dalším music update.

Kwon Ji Yong

8. června 2017 v 19:52 | Ady |  Výkecy, info, others and etc.
This is going to be really short, cuz I'm not really in mood to talk. Or write, whatever. I'm tired, I feel so drained these days. School is taking every bit of my free time, then Seunghyun's situation, my fuckin anxiety and just everything. I'd really appreciate a pause button in my life right now.
Anyway, I just couldn't leave this without saying anything. So yeah...

The king is back.

That's all I got to say.
to love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.